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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you actually get medical professionals on the phone?

Absolutely. We speak with hundreds of doctors, hospital administrators, department heads and office managers every day. This is because we have field proven techniques for reaching, qualifying and getting medical professionals to take action. It is our “secret sauce.”

How do you charge?

Our fees are extremely competitive and are based upon several criteria including:

  • Type of campaign, i.e., customer touch, lead generation, market research
  • Size of database to be penetrated
  • Timeframe in which the campaign must be completed
  • Duration of the campaign, i.e., quarterly, semi-annual, annual

A one-time flat fee is charged for script writing, training, and database set up.

Can we run a Pilot Program to make sure it is going to be effective?

Yes. While it is essential to give any type of marketing campaign enough time to ensure results, we can work out a pilot program so you can see for yourself how beneficial an outbound calling campaign can be.

Do your Marketing Representatives use a script?

We design and follow a script as a “guideline.” Our proprietary ScriptWriter Pro™ storyboarding and script writing program helps ensure we create a compelling script that will convey benefits and uncover needs. Our Medical Marketing Representatives are skilled conversationalists and have been certified in medical terminology and solutions, as well as outbound calling best practices. They know how to present products and services in a clear, confident and natural manner.

Can you provide a prospect list?

A quality list is one of the most essential components of a successful campaign. MedContacts is an authorized Third Party List Broker. We can research, select and license a list that meets your prospect criteria, or append your existing list with key contact information. We can also assist you in obtaining quality lists from publications and associations.

Do you provide documentation on all calls?

Absolutely. We will provide you with calling results on a daily basis. Comprehensive reports are provided weekly showing the results of all the calling activity. And, we even have a weekly telephone conference call with you to discuss results and strategies.

How do you get trained on our product or service?

We specialize in complex solutions being marketed to medical professionals so we can typically get ample training in just a few hours. We will provide you with a Training Session Work Book to ensure we get all the information we need. Training can be done on site or via conference call.

Will I get to be a part of writing the script and voice mail messages?

Absolutely! No one knows your product or service better than you do. This is going to be a partnership – we will be a part of your team. By combining our expertise we are sure to reach our goals.

On a lead generation campaign, who will own the database you develop?

The prospect database, and all the information gathered during the lead generation campaign, will belong to you. This information does not become the property of MedContacts nor will it be shared with or divulged to any other entity.

How long does it take to get a campaign started?

We can launch a campaign within a couple of days if necessary. However, we do need sufficient time to establish a strategic plan, conduct a thorough training session, craft effective voice mail and live presentation messages, and complete a role-playing session. We want to make sure we are completely ready when we “go live” The optimum time is 10 business days.

How long will it be before I receive some qualified leads?

In many cases we can begin generating leads the very first day of outbound calling. However this depends upon the market we are trying to penetrate, the individual we are trying to reach and the level of qualification necessary.

Why outsource outbound calling?

Because it makes good business sense. It’s more effective and in the long run can cost considerably less than doing it in house. Here’s why:It gets results. Most salespeople don’t do enough cold calling to keep their pipelines full or enough customer touch calling to ensure customer retention and add on sales. By outsourcing your calling you can be assured that you will be in the hunt for new sales opportunities and that existing customers won’t get ignored, or worse, go to the competition.

It saves you time. Advertising, Interviewing, hiring and managing an in-house calling team takes time and money. You have to interview a plethora of candidates to find the right people for the job. And, if you’re doing your due diligence, you will be testing applicants and conducting extensive reference checking.

It saves you money. In order to hire, maintain and motivate telephone Marketing Representatives you must provide attractive compensation plans complete with a competitive hourly wage, benefits package and incentive program. You must also have an experienced manager training, motivating and managing to ensure results. Not to mention the cost of office space, computers, and long distance charges. You’ll also save because you pay only for hours worked on your campaign (no vacation, holidays, sick days, worker’s comp, etc.)

It’s fast. An outbound calling campaign can be launched in a matter of days with little effort on your part. And, you can turn campaigns on and off as your needs dictate.

Training is a key factor in a successful outbound calling campaign. It takes time and a highly skilled marketing professional to train others on outbound calling best practices. And, training must be on going to keep everyone sharp and productive.

It’s hassle free.
You don’t have to worry about turnover. Losing a trained Marketing Representative can stifle your entire campaign and cost you greatly in missed opportunities. By outsourcing you won’t jeopardize your campaign, or incur the cost of retraining.

Does MedContacts have a Closed Loop Lead Management process?

Yes. MedContacts’ Closed Loop Lead Management process ensures that the marketing and sales processes remain synergistic. It is vital that the “message” stay the same the entire way through the process. Further, it is essential that information gathered about the target market be maintained in a format that is easily queried and analyzed. A win/lose analysis at the end of the campaign will be an invaluable tool in understanding the needs of the market place and in addressing any improvements required to more accurately deliver the marketing message.MedContacts imports the client’s prospect database into a contact management system. Key fields are imported to track SIC codes, database origin, territorial delineation, previous marketing campaign participation/response, product/service interest, etc. Custom fields and look up screens are established to document critical contact information, degree of interest and responses to qualifying questions.

MedContacts maintains accurate daily records of all calls made and the results of each call. Leads are sent electronically on a daily basis containing all prospect information. Comprehensive Campaign Updates are sent electronically each week outlining all calls and results. Detailed reports include a list of all qualified prospects generated for the week and to date.

It is essential that the client supply MedContacts with a weekly update of the status of each lead provided in order to complete the loop. This will make it possible to generate analysis reports identifying which prospect lists, territories, SIC codes, etc., generated the best results.

Leads are sent electronically in the client’s requested format (i.e. Word, Excel, DBF, comma delimited, etc). MedContacts can send the leads to one contact and/or to individual sales representatives based upon territory/product offering, etc. If the client so chooses, information can be posted on an FTP site so that information is available 24/7/365.

Do you have a performance guarantee?

Absolutely. We are dedicated to 100% client satisfaction. Once we fully understand your target market, your solution, your value proposition and your expectations, we will establish realistic campaign goals and then guarantee we will reach those goals.