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Case Studies


Advanced Medical Reviews Uses MedContacts to Uncover Sales Opportunities

Product: EMR – Electronic Medical Records

Target Market: Independent Physician Offices

Titles: Doctor, Office Manager and Practice Administrator

As an integrated medical review company, Advanced Medical Reviews delivers services to diverse managed care and workers’ compensation clients including insurance companies, TPA, IPA, Medical Groups, MSO, PPO, HMO, and other managed care organizations. They needed to partner with an outbound calling company that could learn their market and be proficient at speaking with decision makers in this highly specialized arena.

While Advanced Medical Reviews is the leader in delivering a single source solution for managed healthcare administration needs, they needed help in getting their message out. MedContacts had to learn the specifics of medical review services such as independent medical review, workers compensation, medical evaluation, and utilization review.

Day one, MedContacts began generating solid sales opportunities. This partnership allows Advanced Medical Reviews to stay focused on their core competency while MedContacts continues to bring their message to the marketplace.

Recognized Leader in Risk Management Solutions Chooses MedContacts for Complex Calling Campaign

Product: Electronic Clinical Trial Management Solution

Target Market: Life Science and Biotech Companies

Titles: Director of Pharmacovigilance, Clinical Trial Director and VP

A nationwide leader in helping pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and consumer health companies demonstrate the safety of their products chose MedContacts to conduct their outbound calling campaign. They needed a company that could contact high-level and hard-to-reach executives.

After an intensive training program, MedContacts was ready to speak with organizations in the medical marketplace about a comprehensive pharmacovigilance solution for clinical trial safety, post-marketing safety monitoring, and risk management programs. This highly specialized calling campaign required an astute Marketing Representative that could learn to speak the lingo and uncover sales opportunities.

MedContacts remains an active part of the sales and marketing team providing a steady stream of pre-qualified sales leads.

MedContacts Generates Qualified Leads for Leading Radiology/Radiation Oncology Equipment Reseller

Product: Refurbished Imaging/Radiation Onocology Equipment, & Services.

Target: Hospitals & Clinics

Titles: Radiology Director, Radiation Oncology & Materials Management Director. 

A leading provider of used and refurbished radiation therapy and diagnostic imaging equipment that has helped hundred of hospitals and clinics throughout the world improve, replace or upgrade their medical equipment, needed a partner to help them accelerate their sales momentum.  They wanted to improve contact ratios, and increase sales opportunities.  They needed more “live” conversations with decision makers in order to increase overall company profitability.   They turned to MedContacts.

Over two-thirds of the global population lacks access to diagnostic imaging care. Diagnostic radiology is a major growth industry in the healthcare sector worldwide. With the help of professional Medical Marketing Reps from MedContacts, this industry leader is now on track to help expand the reach of affordable healthcare equipment to the rest of the world.  MedContacts is an active part of the sales and marketing team providing a steady stream of pre-qualified sales leads on a daily bases.

MedContacts was able to jump-start the sales pipeline with sales-ready leads.  The dedicated MedContacts Medical Marketing Rep has contacted over 3,500 hospitals and clinics to introduce a wide selection of used and refurbished medical equipment solutions, and has identified decision makers at hospitals and clinics that have imaging equipment needs.  MedContacts continually scrubs the client’s database to keep client records up to date with valuable data.

MedContacts Generates Leads for Provider of Electrosurgical Products

Product: Reusable patient return electrodes

Target Market: Hospitals, Surgery Centers

Titles: OR Directors, Surgical Directors, Purchasing Directors

A leading provider of electrosurgical products needed help reaching a large database of busy high level medical professionals in hospitals and surgery centers nationwide to educate them on cost saving options for their reusable patient return electrosurgical pads.  They lacked the internal resources and technology to effectively manage this effort.  They needed to outsource this effort to a marketing partner that had experience in the medical market and who understood the buying processes of facilities purchasing through GPO contracts.  They needed skilled Medical Marketing Reps that could have meaningful conversations with Purchasing Directors about the cost saving benefits, but that could also speak with OR Directors and Surgical Directors about the benefits of using re-useable electrosurgical pads in a surgical setting.  They chose MedContacts.

After a comprehensive training program on the products, MedContacts began uncovering hospitals and surgery centers open to learning about the benefits of reusable surgical products.  They also identified facilities that were either dissatisfied with their current solution or wanted to save on the cost of electrosurgical products.

MedContacts reached out to thousands of hospitals, surgery centers and clinics and educated them on the benefits of reusable patient return electrodes.  They generated hundreds of leads and helped to build name recognition. The partnership with MedContacts has helped the client to increase sales, market share and brand awareness.

Award Winning “Cloud Based” EHR & Practice Management Company Chooses MedContacts

Product: Cloud based EHR & practice management solutions.

Target Market: Individual and group physician practices.

Titles: Doctor, Practice Administrator, and Office Manager

An industry leader in “cloud based” certified EHR & practice management solutions needed a marketing partner that could conduct their Meaningful Use Stage1 outbound calling campaign. They needed to reach their entire target market of individual and group physician practices nationwide, educate decision makers in targeted practices on the benefits of electronic health records in an environment resistant to change.  They also needed to be able to convince decision makers in a very competitive market that the adoption of their web based EHR system would help them save money while qualifying the practice for government stimulus incentive programs.

With Meaningful Use mandates in effect, they needed skilled Medical Marketing Reps that could identify facilities looking to implement or upgrade their EHR solution to meet Meaningful Use requirements.  The outbound callers had to be able to have in-depth conversations with members of both the medical staff and administration.

They elected to use MedContacts to contact individual and group physician practices nationwide and set up phone appointments for their sales team. A campaign like this required an astute Medical Marketing Representative that was familiar with medical terminology, government standards and compliance issues.

MedContacts quickly reached the client’s target market and booked hundreds of phone appointments for the client’s sales team. The partnership with MedContacts has helped the client to increase sales, market share and brand awareness.


MedContacts Generates Qualified Leads for Laser-Based Dental Solutions

Product: Dental Lasers

Target Market: Dental Practices

Titles: Dentist, Hygienist, Office Manger and Dental Practice Administrator

This leading dental laser company wanted to speak with dentists in all of North American and share with them how dental lasers are elevating the standard for dental care. Because they did not have the internal resources available, they needed a trusted partner that could speak to dentists one-on-one and educate them on the benefits of laser dentistry.

After an extensive training program on the many benefits of laser dentistry, the MedContacts Dental Marketing Reps got on the phones. They began sharing how dental lasers can significantly improve patient care and increase revenues in the practice. In many cases the MedContacts Rep had to answer detailed questions with regard to specific procedures in various specialties in order to secure an appointment. The MedContacts team was able to begin generating truly qualified leads immediately.


MedContacts Generates Qualified Leads for Leading Hybrid Contact Lens Manufacturer

Product: Advanced Hybrid Contact Lenses (gas permeable and soft contact lenses)

Target Market: Optometry Practices

Titles: Doctor, Optician and Office Manager

Optometrists and Opticians have many options when it comes to prescribing corrective lenses to patients.  Sending lens samples is a common but expensive way that lens manufacturers get their products into the hands of busy decision makers to generate sales.

A leading lens manufacturer was spending tens of thousands of dollars on sending sample lens kits to vision care facilities only to find the gain in sales that they were hoping for was not panning out.  In fact, they were losing money as a result.  They needed a partner to follow up on samples to determine why Optometrists were not prescribing their lenses to patients.  Lacking the internal resources to follow up on hundreds of sample kits they turned to MedContacts.

The MedContacts team had the training and skill sets necessary to effectively navigate busy optometry practices. MedContacts was able to successfully connect with hard to reach Optometrists and Opticians to inquire about the sample lens kits.  Not only did MedContacts uncover many unforeseen challenges doctors were experiencing using sample kits, MedContacts was also able to generate strong market interest which resulted in increased response rates to samples and ultimately more sales.  The ROI on sending sample kits greatly improved as did doctors perception and satisfaction with the lens manufacturer’s products.